Tuesday, August 27, 2019


The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu blasted President Muhammadu Buhari's government as fake photoshop image, banner and video made to deceive Nigerians that Buhari is in Japan whilst it was clear he was in Oman. 

Nnamdi said that Nigeria can go ahead to deceive Nigerians but Biafrans can never be deceived. He has assured Biafrans all over the world that once Buhari (Jubril Ak-Sudani) is sighted anywhere in Japan, he will arrested and handed over to the Japanese authorities to be tried for the crime committed. 

"I am ashamed that supposedly reputable media houses like Channels TV and a few other popular newspapers, knowingly or unknowingly allowed themselves to become conduit in the propagation of deliberate falsehood designed to deceive the public into believing that Jubri-Buhari is in Japan when clearly he was in Oman. This model of governance by deceit championed by Femi Adesina through his now regular and extensive use of fake photoshopped images and digitally altered videos is the reason why Nigeria can never move forward, become a developed nation or be regarded as a civilised country. 

No sane country can function on lies and expect to survive the consequential backlash from the righteous majority. What APC and Fulani cabal have done throughout their rule is to entrench the repugant culture of Oluwale (the home of document forgery is Africa) into Aso Rock. They may have succeeded in deceiving their fellow Nigerians but they cannot deceive we Biafrans. 

It is given that every media house that is worth its salt must have a resident picture editor to vet images prior to publication. My question therefore is, why didn't Channels TV picture editor and those in newspaper houses spot the misplaced hand of the man to the far left who is meant to be holding the edge of the banner but instead his hand is on top of it, yet the banner appear straightened? Is there another unseen hand holding it? 

This APC Fulani regime of unconscionanbly corrupt men were indulged by INEC which made them get away with Buhari's WAEC Certificate forgery in 2015 and again in 2019. Having gotten away with it in the past, they have become more emboldened like any criminal would, to take their deceit to a new unprecedented level by churning out fake pictures and video in order to cover the fact that Muhammadu Buhari is long dead and replaced by an impostor.

Why would seasoned journalists allow themselves to be used in a manner they know will bring ridicule and dishonour to their noble profession? We know there is widespread hunger and hardship across Nigeria but that is no excuse for condoning blatant falsehood or reason to abandon journalistic ethics in favour of knowingly publishing what everyone knows to be fake photoshopped pictures in the hope of deceiving the public. Do they think their conterparts from other parts of the world are not watching and observing their complicity in the cover-up of the true identity of president of Nigeria? If Buhari is alive or in Japan as we are deceived to believe, why go through the hassle of doctoring pictures and videos, why not cover his arrival live on television. 

Channels Television and all newspapers that published this fake picture should do the honourable thing and take it down, the pictures are fake. It is clearly another case of forgery.

IPOB is on the ground in Japan, the fraud Jubril Al-Sudani is still on the run and have so far refused to make any public appearance. We are assuring Biafrans all over the world that as soon as the impostor is sighted, he will be arrested and handed over to the Japanese authorities to be tried for the criminal he is," Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stated.

The video below indicated where Buhari's government cut out pictures in circulation during a welcome display by some Japanese citizens with Nigerian traditional attire to honour Nigerian President. 

The banner held in the picture bears logo of International Youth Fellowship based in South Africa.

Watch the video below:

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