Tuesday, August 13, 2019


A man named Chimaobi, family man whose kids are still tender, from Okomoko in Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State was killed over ₦200 gambling by one Mr Uchechukwu Nwairulo (Bachelor) from Umuokeni in Egwi village in Etche LGA of the same State.

The incident happened on Sunday night being August 11, 2019. The victim refused to give ₦200 bet to Suspect who had already won the game, as a result of that, it led to a fight. The Suspect gave the victim a blow on his stomach before the both were separated around

After both had gone their separate ways,  at around 10p.m later on that day, the victim that received the heavy blow died.

The Suspect had already relaxed in front of his late father's house, when Okomoko youths came violently to arrest him but they were prevented from getting hold of the Suspect which gave him (Suspect) the opportunity to escape.

Okomoko youths went back and got well fortified and returned to Umuokeni, left Uchechukwu's compound (Suspect) and went to his Uncle's house, Mr Pilus Nwonugha who is wealthy. Uncle who came from port-Harcourt town with his wife for an urgent meeting with his family members and decided to spend a night in his house after the meeting to return to port-Harcourt next morning being Monday.

He got information that his nephew has killed a son of Okomoko and they are coming towards his house. He had to escape with his wife and his two cars.

The troop, first disconnected the electric wires, jumped over the fence through a hip of sand, open the gate and made away with all the valuables including his two big generators which one of them worth ₦500,000 that supplies light to his relatives, after which the entire house was set ablaze.

The Divisional Police Headquarter Okehi, got the information and reported, took the corpse which the victim's relatives used to block the Umuokeni's Community to the nearby morgue, but the deceased relatives went to the morgue, destroyed the building and took away their brother's corpse and return to Suspect's family, started demanding that they should come and bury their brother.

Police surrounded the scene to prevent further destruction of properties.

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