Thursday, August 22, 2019


Senator Dino Malaye had earlier warned his fellow Senators against the calamity that was about to befall them, if something is not been done urgently to prevent it. 

He added that when these people (Masses) will start coming after them, there will be no hiding place for them. 

He repeated this statement on August 18, 2019 after the Former Deputy Senate President, Professor Ike Ekweremadu was humiliated, stoned by IPOB members during New yam festival in Nuremberg, Germany. 

The same ugly incident repeated yesterday in London where an angry Nigerian slapped Senator Kashamu in a  train. 

He stated the following:

"I Warned About This In The Senate That We The Elites And Leaders Are No Longer Safe. What Happened In Nuremberg, Germany As Regards With Ekweremadu And IPOB Is Exactly What I Warned About."

"I said That When The People Starts Coming After Us, No Place Will Be Safe For Us To Hide. Even In Nigeria, We're Not Safe Anymore. Very Soon, We Will Be Attacked Even In Our Homes. We Can't Continue To Take Nigerians For Granted And Not Expect A Reaction."

"The Early Something Is Done About The State Of Our Country, The Better For Us All. Nigeria Is At A Very Fragile State At The Moment." 

Who knows the next victim?

Watch the video below:

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