Tuesday, July 9, 2019


A lady identified as Eunice Ojukwu
narrated how the Senator Elisha Abbo who assaulted a lady at a sex shop in Abuja infected her sister with HIV that killed her. 

She said that her sister Eucharia Ojukwu (Che Che) met Elisha Abbo in 2009 and he was converted from Islam to Christianity after which they wedded on September 26, that same year at a Catholic Church in Mubi Adamawa State. 

Here her Story: 

 "I am the immediate junior sister of Eucharia Uche Ishiaku who was married to the man you all now know as Senator Elisha Abbo,

"His real name is Clifford Ishiaku, that’s the name we knew him till we saw the story on social media that he is now a senator.

“Eunice said that they started dating during her National Youth Service Corps days in Nasarawa in 2008. He had worked for so many known politicians in the north. He visited their orientation camp and they met and became friends. When our sister came up with the story of marriage, my family kicked against it.

My family was against the marriage because they were not in support of inter-tribal marriage. We do not know much about the northerner and their culture. When she died and I posted it on my Facebook wall, her friends doubted it because Senator Abbo did not say anything about it on his Facebook wall.”

“I got to know about her illness in 2012.”  

“On her sick bed, she told me everything that happened, especially how she got to know that she was infected with HIV.

She told me that she later discovered that her husband was already infected but held that information from her while they were dating. Unknown to her, he was going for treatment and was still sleeping with her without protection.

“It was destroying her system gradually and that made her sick.” Someone who observed the frequency of her illness had urged her to go for a general test. The Good Samaritan also paid for the test.

“This was how she found out that she was infected with HIV and that it was at a critical stage. When she confronted him with her result, instead of confessing, Senator Abbo battered my sister mercilessly.” 

The Problems and sickness my sister was facing was too much 

Our father had to contact Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo in Mubi, begging them to bring back her daughter.

“The day she finally left in 2012, Senator Abbo followed her to the motor park and created a scene. He wanted to drag her back but my father pleaded with the driver to ensure that my sister boards the bus back to our village in Anambra.”

 “When they were in Abuja, he would dump her in the hospital for days, and no one would be there to give her food till the hospital alerted us and we’d send someone

“We were in and out of the hospital for six months before my sister died in 2013. When my sister died, he called that he was going to deal with me that I was the one that killed my sister.”

My parents have continued to blame themselves for giving consent to the Inter tribal marriage that led to the death of Their daughter.”

 “I want justice for my sister. In 2013, when my sister died, I posted it on Facebook and no one took it seriously. He was a nobody and I was the daughter of a nobody. Then social media was not as strong as it is now. All I want is justice, let no one be deceived by those tears, he is an evil man.”

In a face-saving video circulate on social media, Abbo had apologized to Nigerians over his shameful action, cutting a figure of a remorseful man.

She warned: “We are used to that his crocodile tears, whenever he comes begging. Nigerians should not be deceived.”

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