Tuesday, July 9, 2019


The fifth witness named Mr Muhammed Tata was called from Jigawa State to testify in Tribunal said;

“I was harassed and intimidated to sign the result sheet under duress. I was told that if I refuse to sign, my name will be removed from the N-Power Program.”

Was President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC scored over 700 votes in his polling unit? He said: “There was no score because there was no election.”

“I am a Muslim. I believe in destiny and what God decides will happen. Whether PDP win or the APC, I don’t have a problem with that. All I want is that I need justice in my country."

“I don’t care whether my party won or lost, but I am not happy about what happened.”

Where you given a copy of the result? he said: “No I was not given because there was no peace”.

“I followed due process” by reporting the harassment, but the culprits were neither arrested nor prosecuted.”

I did not mention their name in my statement “for security reasons.”

“I am still working with the N-Power because I signed the result. If I didn't, they would have sacked me." He stated. 

They all know, the international community and Nigeria know that the legal team of the presidential candidate of PDP Democrat Atiku has cleared genuine evidences and witnesses to back up their petitions to reclaimed back their stolen mandate  from APC Buhari.

PDP Democrat Atiku is coming with his statement policies and plans blueprints to get Nigeria working again for better and greater Nigeria.

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