Monday, July 15, 2019


With the recent development of RUGA settlement policy in Nigeria by Federal government as a result of that many associations have risen to demand for their own settlement.

Cow, Dog and Pig colony in every local government area of the 36 states of the federation.

We recalled that Buba Galadima requested for piggery settlement now the Nigeria Association of Calabar Dog Breeders and For Farmers (NACDBF) have declared their interest to request for dog colony in Nigeria. 

NACDBF demanded 20 hectares of land in 36 states in Nigeria for dog colony and 3 hectares of land for local doctor kernel nucleus. 

According to NACDBF leader, Vet. Dr Utaewa Okon Ataakpa said, their aim is to improve Nigeria economy also to honour President Muhammadu Buhari in his common goal to boost livestock production in the country. 

Below is the NACDBF opened letter to Mr President;

"The Nigeria Association Of Calabar Dog breeders and Dog Farmers (NACDBF) in view of its perennial security challenges in the country as well as the diminishing meat production business in the nation do wish to join our efforts with other well- meaning Nigerian to increase dog  meat and security dogs production to beef up protein in Nigeria  and to provide an additional arm  to our security apparatus do humbly request from Mr. President,  to create for the NACDBF 20 hectares of land space each in all the States in Nigeria for our proposed *DOG COLONY* as well as 3 hectares of land space in each local government area for our " *LOCAL DOG KERNEL NUCLEUS*" wherein Calabar Dog Farmers who engage in *Dog Farming* can  Settle for the rearing of their dogs in a modern Kernel system to be coordinated by US and Israeli Dog farmers and Trainers. as well as local Calabar and Akwa Ibom dog farmers and complemented by a group of Lafia, Langtang and Oguta Dog farmers.

This is an urgent request as it will engage many youths across various tribes who will be employed in this farming project to inter-marry and inter-commerce which will consequently break tribal barriers,  strengthen the unity and economy base of Nigeria.

Additionally Mr President, we the members of the *NIGERIA ASSOCIATION OF CALABAR DOG BREEDERS AND DOG FARMERS (NACBDF)* have contracted the service of a retired former Israeli Police Dog trainer and CEO of a  firm *OBED MORDECCAI CANINE(DOG) INSTITUTE* to the tune of N57Billion for  the establishment of a  **DOG WASTE TO FERTILIZER FACTORIES*" to be sited in Daura, Katsina where most of the fertilizer will be used for crop production and export same to improve our economy. This is in honour of our dear president for his uncommon drive to boost livestock production.

Mr President I have the pleasure to inform you likewise that the association is concluding plans to meet you to shed more lights on any grey areas in this letter (if invited to do so).

We look forward to your prompt response and the attention of National Livestock the Federal Ministry of Agriculture in this respect."


Vet. Dr. Utaewa Okon Ataakpa
National President.

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