Sunday, May 19, 2019


The reasons for President Muhammadu Buhari to one hundred billion naira to Miyetti Allah popularly known as Fulani Herdsmen has been revealed. 

It was gathered that Buhari has sent out his Miyetti Allah gang, with 100billion Naira war cash, to go across the River Niger, into Igbo land to steal, kill and destroy.

Buhari, like Sennacherib before him, commanded the terror gang to meet Igbo community leaders, saying:

"What is your confidence? Where is your God? Look, nobody can save you from my hand. Already my army has surrounded you all, fully armed and ready to strike."

Have we (the Fulani) not taken Bida from the Nupe? And taken Ilorin from the Yoruba? And taken Sokoto and Kano from the Hausa? Did anyone save them?

So we advise you - make a covenant with our master Buhari - take this money and give us your land. Otherwise, we kill you and still take the land. Not even God above can save you!"

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