Sunday, May 19, 2019


A Nigerian Catholic Priest, Rev. Father Abu has blasted the modern day men of God and the way they imposed seed Sowing and tithe on their members as if without it, non will prosper. 

He added that miracle happens but it depends on God's wish and time not for any man of God, Churches or the money you gave to church.

He said, "When you hear or see things like these (photos attached) coming from the pulpit, then know that you are not in a Church but a classical Business Empire. God is not for sale. God's blessings are not for sale. Flee from these false preachers, they do not mean well for you. Everything they do is for a show, even the "miracles" are stage-managed and the ultimate price is your pocket." 

"Our country today is facing tough economic times, things are hard, people can hardly feed themselves yet these rascals are simply out for what they can squeeze from you using the name of God as a cover. I am a man of God, a Catholic priest and I must be honest with you. God blesses us not according to how much we give, tithe or sow in church but according to His Will."

"The problems we face as individuals have nothing to do with how much we are giving, these problems are not unique to Christians or Muslims or even Traditional Worshippers. Let us use the wealth God has already given us; the wisdom He has put in our minds and the creativity He naturally endowed us with to solve our economic challenges as a people. Yes, God answers prayers but not those already answered."

"Yes, miracles do happen but miracles depend on God not on any priest or pastor or church and let it be known that the efficacy of the sacraments do not depend on the minister who administers them. (The Mass for instance is the same power whether it is celebrated by the Pope or a newly ordained priest). Adoration ground or no Adoration ground, God is everywhere and the Holy Eucharist is the same."

"Give to church not as an investment but from the abundance of your heart and for the further promotion of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Advance God's Kingdom on earth with your resources, do not advance any priest's (or pastor's) personal business empire. The difference is very clear."

"Above all, bear this in mind that the God of Good Friday is also the God of Easter Sunday. If God does not answer today, He will answer in His own time. You don’t have to pay with your life to get a miracle. God will give it to you absolutely Free! He stated.

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