Sunday, May 19, 2019


The leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu asked this question: 

Since when did men and women start playing together in the same part of the Mosque at the same time or has Islam changed?

He said look at the photo of Jubril returning from London a few days ago and tell me if he bears any resemblance to the dead Buhari whose badly photoshopped  photos from 2016 Femi Adesina circulated to Nigerian media houses for publication. 

"Fraud of the highest order from a shameless govt run by soulless beasts. How Nigerian media can publish such blatant falsehood is beyond comprehension? Fulani cabal & Yoruba media it appears are working hand in hand to deceive the public. The name 2016 late Buhari photos and videos in Mecca recycled by an unconscionable media to convince the ever gullible Sniper drinking generation that Jubril is Buhari. Dele Giwa should come and see what journalism has become in Nigeria."

"Yoruba media have decided to side with evil because of 2023 Tinubu Yoruba presidential ambition and their pathological hatred for Biafra and irrational fear of the Igbos. They must know the evil that men do live after them. In the past this same appeasement of Fulani by a certain Yoruba man called Afonja cost them Ilorin and the Fulani conquest that followed led to the spread of Islam across the whole of Western Nigeria. They should be guided by history."

"Today it appears Yoruba media and their political masters are oblivious of this historical fact but they must know as educated people should, that history has a funny way of repeating itself. If Yoruba media continues to sustain this obvious deception by the cabal by peddling the lie that Jubril Al-Sudani is the dead Buhari, then woe shall betide them." he stated.

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