Friday, May 24, 2019


Pawpaw seeds (Papaya Seeds) are good to our health because it have been used to treat different diseases. 

The seeds can be used for following treatment:

1.  It's used to treat Typhoid Fever.

2.  It's used to treat Liver Disease.

3.  It's used for treatment of Stomach Ulcer.

4.  It helps to Protect Digestive System and Improve Intestinal Health.

5.  It's good for Digestive System.

6.  It helps to Rejuvenate skin.

7. It helps to Make Bones Stronger.

8.  It helps to Prevent Anti-Aging.

9.  It's used to treat Eye Disorder.

10.  It helps to Increase your Appetite.

11.  It increases Sperm Production for a Man and Help Fertility of The Eggs for Women.

12. It's used to Prevent Kidney Diseases.

13.  It reduces Menstrual Pain for Women.

14. It reduces the Cancer Risk etc.

How to prepare Pawpaw seeds for treatment;

*   Get up to 5 Pawpaw, extract the seeds (fresh/dried)

*   Get lime/lemon juice (original)

*   Grind the Pawpaw seeds into a powder form.

*   Mix the grinded Pawpaw seeds powder with lime/lemon juice.

Start drinking the mixture twice a day for 30 days.

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