Friday, April 26, 2019


According to Nigerian police force policies that was enacted in 1943 its act favoured mostly men and has not been amended till date. 

The few of them that affected women most are as follows;

*  A married woman can not be enlisted as a police officer while a married men can. 

*  A single female officer who gets pregnant get discharged from the force while the male colleague who impregnated her will stay. If it's a colleague that impregnated her.

*  A female officer gets the approval of Commissioner of Police in the State before getting married, if not the marriage will be cancelled. 

*  After marriage if approved by the Commissioner of Police, She has to stay 2 years after confirmation of marriage before getting pregnant.

*  A female officer who married a civilian will not allowed to live in the police barrack with her husband while a male officer who married a civilian is allowed to live with his wife in the barrack. 

*  Females are required to place the alphabet "W" before their rank and Force number given for easy identification as women.

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