Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Igbo people wanted Atiku because of Peter Obi, he chose as running mate. 

Yoruba preferred Buhari because of Osinbajo.

Everyone is fighting for his own interest after all politics is a game of personal interest. But to my own observation, I think the igbos got it all wrong. 

You want to replace one Fulani man with another Fulani and you expect freedom and loved among them?

As an Igbo man if you remember how these Fulanis slaughtered your brothers and sisters in the north all in the name of religious war, you will never allow an Hausa man to step his foot on your soul yet your greed and quest for power make you gave an Hausa man all your vote because he chose Obi as running mate. 
What this zoo of a country need now is total dissolution, let each major tribe govern its sovereign state.

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