Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Am very proud of Mr Obi, he is among very few clean politicians in Nigeria. he is a typical example of integrity, never get himself involved in anything questionable, he is a genius, an epitome of honesty, he has excellent spirit, he is of a different and unique breed of political class.

Moreover, his profile and antecedent is mind blowing, I love the man.

Peter Obi has done excellently well in Anambra State compare to others governors in the history of Nigeria.

Obi deserve more than an honour but God almighty will surely prepare a table before him in the presence of his enemy Nigeria.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote speech when he was the governor of Anambra State. He said;

"I think all of us should increase respect for Peter Obi. I am really very proud of him, particularly because he is coming from the private sector. It is not easy to run business in Nigeria, it is very difficult but what he has done is even more difficult than running a business.

Even people from Yobe State know that governing Anambra is not an easy task. Today I don’t merely think that there is any state that has seven billion naira in savings. 

He has actually done well to have done over eight hundred kilometers of road, buying buses for schools. I assure you a lot of schools in Nigeria have not even seen a bus but today you have given one bus per school because you are committed to serving people not loading your pocket.

I think my brother Peter Obi you have done very well, because you did not steal your people’s money God would make sure that he sorts you out. 

You will never ever be in need all your life by the grace of Almighty God, and with this thing you have done, I will like you to put it in writing so that other people can emulate you.

I think for anybody to run a state or a country, he needs to follow what you have actually done because to run a state in Nigeria without having majority in the House of Assembly is almost impossible but you did just that. 

In fact I know you run your government at lowest cost possible, always saving money.

I have never seen Peter Obi with more than two people following him. This is part of cutting cost. Really and truly I pray that Willie Obiano will do exactly what you have done. A state with high debt profile will not give a new Governor rest of mind to govern. 

Chief Willie will have a rest of mind with a lot of infrastructures already on the ground. He should only concentrate and continue with the Education, Agriculture and Infrastructure and follow his advise to make everybody proud".

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