Friday, March 22, 2019


People often made you to understand that regular sex is good to health as it makes you feel relieved from pain and all that.

Others will also make you to understand that regular sex is part of exercise and it a cure for stress.

I bet you that sex absentia has made you to miss a lot from this life such as;

1.  You have missed from getting HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).

2.  You have missed from getting yourself involved in unwanted pregnancy.

3.  You have missed yourself from getting unwanted child which are not capable of taking care of.

4.  You have missed from making your parents sad and disappointed.

5.  You have missed from forcing yourself into someone (man/woman) that is not of your choice because of the pregnancy.

6.  You have missed from being a murderer for not aborting the unwanted child.

7.  You have missed yourself from being a school dropout.

8.  You have missed yourself heart break for not being barren or impotent due to abortion or STDs.

9.  You have missed from destroying your future and that of unwanted child.

10.   You have missed from not  allowing devil to grab your soul and not making your God sad for your soul.

Think about all which you have missed for absenting from sex.

Thanks for reading this and God bless you.

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