Friday, March 22, 2019


A graduate who has been seeking for job, for almost fifteen good years, has lost hope of getting a job. No means to get money. 

Then it get to one faithful day, she had only but one dollar with her and very hurry, she entered in a restaurant and bought food with that money but something happened after she finished praying for the food.

She saw three Strangers came in looking so skinny and hungry. 

They asked her for that particular food she was about to consume, she had compassion on them and gave the food to them.

After they might have finished eating and wanted to pray for her, she told them that they need the prayer more than her. 

After which dhe left them but when she was about to leave, they called her back and gave her an old coin.

She looked at it and left. On her way to where she is normally lay down her head, she saw a newspaper and picked it and decided to read it. 

Getting to  her apartment and was reading it, there was an adverts about an old coin that got lost in 1955.

It was indicated that anybody that brings it will to be paid 10 million dollars.

As soon as she read that and remember the coin that was given to her by those strangers. She checked the coin and it was the same.

Then she had to rushed down to the address and they confirmed it and she was issued a cheque of 10 million dollars. 

She then rushed back to that restaurant to see if she would be able to see those three men but unfortunate for she couldn't find them.

But when she asked the waiters, a letter was given to her by one of the waiters that those men left it behind and when she opened it this is what it was written:

"This is the God of the Father, the God of Son and the God of the Holy spirit. No man who praises God shall be left to suffer. Him, his son and grandson's shall live happy under the umbrella of God."

Blessed is the hand that gives than the hand that receive... Praise God and your life will change...

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