Sunday, March 31, 2019


I just want us to imagine what our mothers being through before having us.

The pains of childbirth and after which she sacrificed all to raise you.

Even when a child is crippled, disabled or imbecile, mother will still love, care and tried to raise the baby to the best of her.

Some of us abandoned our mothers when they need us most.

Some are even ashamed of their mothers just because they are proud of them.

Some have forgotten where they came from and how they were raised.

Some have accused their of been a witch due to their misfortunes.

Some beat their mothers because old age have contributed to their misbehaviour.

Love your mother no matter the circumstance that surrounded her present behaviour. 

Always remember that she happened to be the woman that carried you nine good month without thinking of how to abort you.

She gave birth to you, raised you till now which you have  come of age. So it's your time to pay her back for raising you.

'I love you mother'.

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