Sunday, March 31, 2019


Was the above heading what your pastor told you?

Word of God does not need help or modernization.

Modernization have made you to lose focus. 

Which church is the first church on Earth?

Answer ~ Catholic Church:

Peter the first disciple of Jesus Christ was the first POPE of the Catholic Church.

What everything Catholic Church is doing today was as a result of lay down foundation from Christ and all the disciples that saw Jesus eye ball to eye ball.

We refused to change to modernization of lustful worship.

We refused to be corrupt to the love of flesh, tithes, compulsory sowing of seeds and our priest marrying and wearing of coats.

The bible said, find the old path and never depart from it.

'Catholic is the old path'.

Most churches you find today, the foundations were based on money making, avarice.

I mean for the manageable ones. 

Others have charms in their foundation, and because Catholic is still pure, all their attacks are targeted against her.

Holy spirit can never lead any believer to say anything against Catholic Church.

The church that propagate the gospel over two thousand years with the blood of it's saints,  before the springing up of all these baseless and foundationless churches.

Some of them now will charge you before they pray for you. Some use snakes, sex, etc to conduct deliverance.

Come to think of it, no Catholic priest will be reckoned among wealthiest the pastors in the world, while the church itself (CATHOLIC CHURCH) is the richest in the whole.

The church owns the priests and not the priests owning the church as is the case with the modern churches.

Back home in Nigeria, you can easily see pastors whose church have not stand the test of time owing private jets etc. It's not easy for a church to run for over two thousand years (Catholic Church) and still withstand the test of time.

Jesus prayed in the Bible, that they will be one. 

Till today, His prayer is still active in his intended church.

This is to tell you that the sole purpose behind their interior motives of owning or forming a church (Pentecostal church) is to make money or create wealth for themselves. 

They infuse the doctrine of tithe so that you can feed them and make them rich.

While in the Bible, Jesus fed five thousand people.

Today, more five thousand is feeding one general overseer.

Being a good Christan is to be Christ like. 

A pastor who is tasking his followers to feed him should read the book of Timothy.

All Catholic priest having something doing apart from being a priest. Some are doctors, engineers, scientists, etc that's why they can't preach tithe and prosperity.

How many of such modern churches that castigate Catholic church do  have operational branches in modern day BORNO state?

There in BORNO STATE, blood of Catholic Church priests are been shed from time to time.

Catholic Church don't run away on the face of dangers like persecution , ill-treatment of Christianity to mention but a few.

Catholic is still there till tomorrow, preaching the word and converting souls to God. 

You cannot find any of these modern profit making church there.

Later when the blood of these Catholic priests, that have been used as sacrificial lamb to calm the land and plant, Christianity will geminate and christainity gain back their freedom, all these profit making churches will start to spring up there. 

Their normal first ungrateful preaching will be to castigate the same Catholic Church that have it's saints lay down their lives for pure love of Christ, the gospel, the church and entire Christianity.

It's time you repent and look for the old path.

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