Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Bitterleaf is known as Vernonia and it is a genus of about 1000 species of forbs and shrubs in the family Asteraceae. 

Some species are known as ironweed. Some species are edible and of economic value. They are known for having intense purple flowers.

It can be cooked, chewed raw or  juiced. 

Health Benefits Of Bitterleaf

1.  Bitterleaf enrich in proteins, mineral and vitamins, because of efficient of nutrients especially beta carotene.

2.  Bitterleaf helps in restoring pancreas, as a result, it lower blood sugar levels.

3.  Frequent taking of bitterleaf increases milk production and loss of appetite.

4.  Bitterleaf helps to boost immune function and also useful in treating insomnia.

5.  Bitterleaf is  useful for treatment of a cute constipation and fertility inducers.

6.  Bitterleaf is used for treatment of cough and worn infestations.

7.  Bitterleaf can be used to reduce or slow cancer growth, and kill cancer cells.

8.  Bitterleaf juice is also used for treatment of malaria.

9.  Bitterleaf is used to control female sex hormones and makes one to become young and healthy.

10.  Must intake of bitterleaf helps to regulate blood cholesterol levels and prevent the risk of stroke and heart attach.

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