Tuesday, March 19, 2019


President Muhammadu Buhari has reacted over the attitude of some of the  politicians towards their ideology on politics.

He made it clear that 90% of old politicians will be retired because they are the problem of Nigeria.

The president was of the opinion that politicians have devoted their entire life to politics as their own occupation. He said, if you remove politics away from their lives, they will be  frustrated.

In addition, he also said  to them politics is a business venture, a quick way of making money. He said; "Insha Allah" by the time I'm done with my second term, 90% of old politicians must have gone on retirement".

He added that most of politicians go as far as borrowing monies in form of loans to invest in politics. He made them to understand that Politics is not a career nor occupation, but a vocation. People got it wrong in this aspect.

He said; " Elsewhere, those who venture into politics are people who have accomplished in their respective fields of endeavour, not a university graduate who is yet to find his feet. They go into politics to serve the people and return to their primary occupation. They don't go there to enrich themselves. This misconception, we must change."

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