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Tired of spending all your income or the little money you’re trying to save on pleasures such as buying pizza or hanging out with friends at a pizza joint? 

Why not learn how to make your own pizza that will even rival the taste of ones made by popular pizza places.

This is a simple and clear instructable on how to make your own delicious pizza; for yourselves, family, friends or for any other occasion, and it can be helpful for you whenever you would like to make a nice pizza yourself.

Step 1: Materials/ Ingredients

The materials and ingredients you will need for the pizza making process are all easy to get, and many households should have most of them anyway.

You will need:
a small cup
wooden spoon
a pan
weighing scale
a big plastic bowl (for the dough)
rolling pin
300g Flour
1 packet dry yeast
olive oil
a small cup of warm water (approximately 150 ml)
a pinch of salt
4 fresh tomatoes
1 onion
a clove of garlic
dry chili/ chili powder
2 whole mozzarella/ or 1 pack of grated mozzarella
1 salami
1 onion
200g black olives
green pepper
If you have different measurements units, be sure to check up with the measurements online.

Step 2: The Dough

To make the dough you need to assemble the following materials:

300g Flour
1 packet dry yeast
olive oil
a small cup of warm water (approximately 150 ml)
a pinch of salt
weighing scale
plastic bowl.

There are several steps to make the dough for the pizza.
Take the flour an weigh off 300 grams using the weighing scale.

Take the flour and add it to the bowl.
Add the yeast, salt, and water to it.

Start to knead the mixture.

During this process add olive oil to the dough, until it gets smooth and a little moist.

Knead it for about 5 minutes. This way the ingredients get well mixed and it will be smoother.

Once finished put it back in the bowl and cover it with a cloth.

Place the covered dough on a warm spot (heater for example) and leave it there for about 45 minutes. It will grow significantly during this time period. It is important that you put it in a warm spot.

Step 3: The Sauce

You will need the following things for the sauce:

four tomatoes
1 onion
a clove of garlic
olive oil
dry chili/ chili powder
a pan
wooden spoon
To make the sauce you will need to take the vegetables first.

Peel the skin of the onion and of the garlic. Then cut them into cubes. Put them aside and take the tomatoes. If your tomatoes are soft, you can only cut them in halves. If not, cut them into cubes as well. Put some oil into a pan and heat it up. Once the oil is hot you can add the onion and garlic to it. cook it until the onions are glassy. Then add the tomatoes to it. After a while, they should be squishy enough to take the spoon and squash them.

This will give you the sauce. Add the chili to the sauce and let it cook for a while.

Optionally you can add tomato paste, but it is not needed primarily.

Step 4: Rolling Out The Dough
For rolling out the dough, you will need
some flour
a rolling pin
a smooth surface (tables are optimal)
To roll out the dough you need to make sure that you cover the surface you use for rolling out the dough with flour first. This way the dough will not stick to the surface of the table. Also put some flour on the rolling pin, so that the dough does not stick to the rolling pin. Then you tame the dough and put it on your surface. Use the rolling pin to flatten out the dough. Turn the dough around once and then, to flatten it from both sides, and to make sure that it does not stick to the surface.

After you have rolled out the dough until it is big enough to cover your baking tray, or thin enough, take the dough and place it on the baking tray. Use your hands to fold over the edges of the dough, so that you create a crust. You are then ready to put the topping on the pizza.

Step 5: The Topping


For the topping of the pizza you will need several things.

These are:

cutting board
a salami
one onion
a green pepper
two mozzarella
200g black olives
You will start of with cutting the mozzarella into slices. These should be thin, so that you can cover as much space as possible with the cheese.

Place the cheese on the sauce. cut the salami, pepper and onion into slices as well. Place the salami first, and then add the onion and the pepper on top of the mozzarella. To finish off, add the olives. Add as many as you want. The topping depends fully on your taste and preferences. You could use whatever you want for a pizza topping. You are then finished with the preparation process. The next step is to bake the pizza.

Step 6: Baking The Pizz         

Once the topping is put on the pizza you can now bake it.

Heat up the oven on 200°C. After the oven has gained the temperature insert the pizza on the baking tray and let it cook for approximately 15 minutes. The time the pizza will need to be cooked can vary. It depends on the thickness of the bottom and crust, the temperature etc. Just take a look after 15 minutes and check regularly afterwards, until your pizza looks the way you like it.

After you cooked it, take it out of the oven, cut it into pieces and go ahead to enjoy your delicious slice of homemade pizza.

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