Saturday, October 6, 2018


A woman wants justice for blows she reportedly received from a soldier who seemed too drunk to offer her any help.
A trader identified as Helen Akula has alleged assault from a soldier Anayo Aloysius who reportedly punched her in the face while he was having fun.
The soldier visited the relaxation center located in Nyanya market in the evening. She had sought his help of the military official picking up a bottle when he attacked her.

The victim feels violated and has reported the incident to the army authority in Abuja. Punch News confirms this in a report.

“I sell soft drinks at a shop in Nyanya Market. The soldier comes to the market regularly. He stopped by at my shop that day. In the evening when I was about to close, I went to a shop where I sold drink to somebody to pick the bottle and collect my money.

“I met the soldier at the shop. He sat on a plastic chair and the bottle I wanted to pick was under the chair.

"The person that bought the drink from me sat next to him. I demanded my money from the customer and asked the soldier to please help me pick the bottle under the chair. I felt courtesy demands that I shouldn’t just invade his space to pick the bottle.

“He started insulting me, calling me a harlot and all sorts of names. I even thought he was joking with me as usual; so I was laughing. When the insult was getting too much, I told him to stop. He stood up, picked the bottle and tried to break it.

"Somebody then jokingly told him that he wanted to break the bottle which he did not want to pick.

“We were just joking about it. I had even diverted my attention from him. Before I knew it, he descended on me and punched me in the eye. I started bleeding and left the place. I noticed he was drunk.

“I want justice. He must be brought to book. The case must not be swept under the carpet by the army. I did nothing wrong to deserve the assault,” the victims told Punch in an interview.

The publisher also gathered that Aloysius hit the woman by accident. This is from a telephone conversation with the soldier who feels remorseful about inflicting an injury on the trader.

“We were drinking and she (Akula) was the one serving the drink. As a friend and I were arguing, she asked me to help her pick the bottle. While she bent to pick the bottle herself, the blow I aimed at my friend mistakenly hit her.

“I begged her and tried to explain to her that it was not intentional. I also begged her parents. Her father said he had already reported me to the army authorities. People have been calling and abusing me. I have been begging her. I am very sorry for what happened.”

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