Monday, May 27, 2024


Amid the contentious events surrounding the Kano Emirate dispute, security authorities in Kano State revealed on Sunday night that they had uncovered plans to incite chaos and cause widespread destruction.

Addressing the press, CP Usaini Gumel, joined by leaders of security agencies including the DSS and NSCDC, disclosed plans to attack the Kano State House of Assembly and other significant sites in the state.

"We have uncovered credible intelligence about a group of individuals considered enemies of the state, aiming to unleash terror by targeting locations such as the House of Assembly and other prominent sites within the state capital," Gumel stated. "This intelligence has been verified by multiple sources."

He added, "We have perfected plans for extensive patrols and surveillance, particularly in areas where these miscreants are believed to be hiding. There will be no hiding place for them.

"Anyone found planning to disrupt the peace in the state or jeopardize the existing security will be arrested and face the full wrath of the law. We will conduct house-to-house searches to ensure no one evades justice."

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