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EBSU Lecturer, Prof. Enyi, Denies Involvement in Student's Death, Calls for Thorough Investigation.

Amechi Uneke Enyi, a Professor of English Grammar at Ebonyi State University (EBSU), Abakaliki, has denied any connection to the death of Favour Ugwu, a final-year student who allegedly committed suicide. In a viral video, Ugwu's mother accused "Dr. Enyi" and the university of being responsible for her daughter's death.

In the video, Ugwu's mother expressed her distress, shouting, “Dr. Enyi said he is the best, nobody can teach like him, he should come and carry my daughter who has committed suicide.”

Prof. Enyi, speaking to Factsheet in Abakaliki, expressed his sorrow over the incident and firmly stated that Ugwu’s death had no connection to his course or any academic issues. He recounted his interactions with Ugwu’s mother, who had accused him of unfairly failing her daughter. He explained that the university has processes in place to handle such grievances, including the review of exam papers.

Prof. Enyi clarified that he learned about Ugwu’s case in February 2024, after the release of second-semester results. Ugwu’s mother had called him, alleging that he was “witch-hunting” her daughter. He informed her about the university’s procedures for addressing such concerns but noted that she refused to listen and threatened him instead.

Despite the threats, the Head of the Department (HOD) informally assisted by retrieving Ugwu’s exam script, which showed she had not answered the questions. The HOD advised Ugwu’s mother to have her daughter re-register for the course in the second semester, and they agreed on this plan. However, this resolution was not pursued further before Ugwu’s death.

Prof. Enyi highlighted that the mother had apologized for her earlier accusations, and he had promised to assist Ugwu in passing the course if she re-registered. He expressed confusion and distress over being blamed for Ugwu’s suicide, emphasizing that her death should be thoroughly investigated.

Prof. Enyi called on security agencies and journalists to investigate the true cause of Ugwu’s death, pointing out inconsistencies such as visible wounds and bruises on her body that did not align with the reported cause of suicide by ingestion. He stressed that the mother seemed more interested in blaming him than finding out the actual cause of her daughter’s death, suggesting the need for a post-mortem or autopsy.

“I feel aggrieved because the woman has refused to find out what happened to her daughter, because she was hellbent on having a pound of flesh from me for no just cause. Why is it that she cannot call for a post-mortem or even an autopsy to find out the real cause of her daughter’s death?” Prof. Enyi questioned.

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