Sunday, December 31, 2023


The National Assembly 2024 Budget Breakdown:

- House of Representatives: N78.624bn

- Senate: N49.145bn

- National Assembly Office: N36.727bn

- General Services: N30.807bn

- Legislative Aides: N20.388bn

- Service Wide Vote: N15.189bn

- National Assembly Hospital Project: N15bn

- National Assembly Service Commission: N12.326bn

- National Assembly Library Complex (Take-off Grant): N12.123bn

- Ongoing Construction of NASC Headquarters: N10bn

- National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies: N9.008bn

- Completion of Ongoing NILDS Building: N4.5bn

- National Assembly Recreation Centre: N4bn

- National Assembly’s Budget and Research Office: N4bn

- Procurement of Books for National Assembly Library: N3bn

- Senate Car Park: N3bn

- House of Representatives Car Park: N3bn

- Upgrade of Key Infrastructure in the National Assembly: N3bn

- Assembly’s Ultramodern Printing Press: N3bn

- Furnishing of Committee Meeting Rooms and Other Offices within Senate Building: N2.7bn

- Furnishing of Committee Meeting Rooms for House of Representatives: N3bn

- National Assembly Pension Board (Take-off Grant): N2.5bn

- Office of Retired Clerks & Permanent Secretaries: N1.230bn

- Constitution Review: N1bn

- Public Accounts Committee (Senate): N130m

- Public Accounts Committee (House): N150m

- Senate Appropriations Committee: N200m

- House of Representatives Appropriation Committee: N200m

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