Wednesday, November 29, 2023


President Tinubu"s 2024 speech on budget of renewed hope.

1. "President Tinubu has themed the 2024 Appropriation bill as the Budget of Renewed Hope."

2. "The proposed budget aims for job-rich economic growth, macro-economic stability, a conducive investment environment, improved human capital development, poverty reduction, and increased access to social security."

3. "Defense and internal security take top priority, with plans to overhaul the internal security architecture for enhanced law enforcement capabilities and the protection of lives, property, and investments nationwide."

4. "Recognizing human capital as a critical resource for national development, the budget prioritizes human development, focusing on children as the foundation of the nation."

5. "Addressing long-standing issues in education, the budget proposes a sustainable model for funding tertiary education, including the implementation of the Student Loan Scheme set to start in January 2024."

6. "Despite global challenges, the Nigerian economy has proven resilient, maintaining modest but positive growth over the past twelve months."

7. "Tax and fiscal policies are under review, aiming to increase the revenue-to-GDP ratio from less than 10 percent to 18 percent within this Administration's term. Efforts will be made to contain financial leakages through key public financial management reforms."

8. "To enhance budget performance, the government will focus on ensuring value for money, greater transparency, and accountability, collaborating closely with development partners and the private sector."

9. "The government remains committed to broad-based and shared economic prosperity, reviewing social investment programs for enhanced implementation and effectiveness. The National Social Safety Net project will be expanded to provide targeted cash transfers to poor and vulnerable households."

10. "In conclusion, President Tinubu expresses confidence that these budgetary allocations and directives will propel Nigeria towards a transformative path, fostering sustainable and resilient energy, economic growth, job creation, and environmental preservation."

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