Monday, November 13, 2023


During the weekend, I, Peter Obi, visited Nsukka in Enugu State, donating ₦20 million to Faith Foundation Mission Hospital. This aligns with my ongoing commitment to invest in crucial areas of national development: health, education, and poverty eradication. The contribution serves as initial support to the hospital, facilitated through the Anglican Bishop of Nsukka, Rt Rev. Aloysius Agbo, to kickstart the construction of a College of Nursing Sciences.

Recognizing the pivotal role healthcare workers play in Primary Healthcare delivery—the bedrock of a credible healthcare system—I emphasize the need to prioritize their training. This becomes even more critical amid the shortage of healthcare professionals globally. 

I commend the Bishop and the entire team at Faith Foundation Hospital for their initiative in establishing a College of Nursing Sciences. I pledge ongoing support for projects fostering national development and benefiting Nigerians, working towards the realization of the New Nigeria we envision.

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