Tuesday, November 21, 2023


Former President Muhammadu Buhari asserted in a recent interview that, during his eight-year tenure in Nigeria, he believed he gave his best effort but expressed uncertainty about achieving the anticipated results. Acknowledging a potential hijacking of his administration, he defended endorsing the controversial naira redesign policy to uphold his integrity and emphasize the absence of shortcuts to success for Nigerians.

Buhari, reflecting on the challenges of governing Nigerians, stated they often resist doing the right thing, thinking they know better. When questioned about the integrity of those around him, he dismissed it as their problem and challenged critics to showcase their anti-corruption efforts.

While admitting a possible cabal influence, Buhari claimed he allowed individuals to perform their duties and wouldn't alter his approach if given another chance in Nigeria's current system. He mentioned being continuously 'harassed' at home but expressed relief in waking up at will, asserting he doesn't miss anything about leaving government.

Buhari emphasized focusing on local issues during his presidency, especially on securing the country. He avoided acquiring wealth, attributing his peaceful post-government life to not competing with the wealthy class and avoiding potential traps set by some Nigerians seeking advantage.

Regarding the criticized naira policy, Buhari defended it as a measure to counter materialism in an underdeveloped country, aiming to underscore the absence of shortcuts to successful leadership. He also addressed the Ethiopian/Nigerian Air incident, acknowledging a shortcoming in granting individuals too much freedom to carry out their tasks.

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