Saturday, September 23, 2023


"D.R. Congo's Decision to Expel UN Forces Sparks Hope for a More Independent Africa

Several weeks ago, almost 50 precious African lives were lost in the Democratic Republic of Congo due to protests against the presence of UN peacekeeping forces. These protestors argued that the United Nations' so-called 'peacekeeping' mission was far from peaceful and, instead, was draining the remaining peace in their mineral-rich, gifted nation.

Today, the Congolese government has summoned the courage to demand the immediate departure of the UN forces known as MUNUSCO. This decision raises questions about the true intentions of the UN and its actions in Africa.

As I've mentioned before, I witnessed France's involvement in Ivory Coast, where they supported rebel forces against the government. United Nations' planes were even used to bomb government infrastructure. It becomes clear that the UN's actions often align with the interests of powerful nations.

The UN is influenced by the Unipolar world order and colonial powers that have historically controlled much of the world. These entities continue to exert influence through organizations like the UN, ICC, and Interpol, which are used to enforce their interests.

UN forces in Africa often coincide with the protection of colonial interests. Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, and other nations have similar stories. This pattern fits the Hegelian Dialectic of Problem, Reaction, Solution, where 'peacekeeping' forces arrive after manufactured chaos to impose a 'solution' that isn't truly beneficial.

The news of the UN leaving the Democratic Republic of Congo is a positive sign for Africa's quest for independence. It suggests that a collective awakening is occurring, and I believe that Africa is on the path to true freedom and self-determination. Kudos to the authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the youth of Africa stand with you in this journey."

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