Sunday, August 13, 2023


At least six zones in the northern region of the country have not produced governors in their respective states since 1999. These zones include Benue South, Kwara North, Kogi West, Borno South, Adamawa Central, and Yobe North.

The Adamawa Central zone comprises five local government areas: Madagali, Michika, Maiha, Mubi North, and Mubi South. Senator Abubakar Halilu Girei mentioned that lack of leadership and unity prevented the zone from producing a governor, despite their agreement to support their chosen candidate.

In the past, the Adamawa Central zone came close to producing a governor when Major Aminu Tahir won the NRC ticket, but he passed away just before the election. Saleh Michika from the northern zone took over and won. Binani, currently in the tribunal, could become the first governor if she wins, with potential for a second term.

Yobe North comprises six local government areas: Jakusko, Bade, Yusufari, Karasuwa, Machina, and Nguru. The PDP struggled to secure governorship tickets for Yobe North due to the belief that only the ruling party's ticket leads to victory. This mentality affects their commitment to opposition candidates.

The Benue South zone consists of nine local government areas, mainly of the Idoma-speaking ethnic group. Despite efforts and agitations, the dream of having power shift to the zone has remained unrealized.

Kwara North has five local government areas: Patigi, Edu, Baruten, Kaiama, and Moro. Leaders from this zone have been adamant about their turn for governorship, but political differences and lack of unity have hindered their progress, with central and south zones having held the governor's seat.

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