Tuesday, August 22, 2023


Shuaibu Audu, the Minister of Steel Development, emphasized the necessity of reviving the Ajaokuta Steel Company. During a recent press conference in Abuja, he reaffirmed his dedication to revitalizing the dormant steel plant. 

He outlined his plans to create a strategic plan for advancing the steel sector, actively pushing for the completion of the Ajaokuta steel project, and enacting legislation to oversee the steel industry. Audu pointed out that previous leaders acknowledged the significance of steel development but lacked the determination to achieve their goals.

He stated, "Ajaokuta Steel plant, closely associated with steel development, has been in progress for over 40 years. We intend to kickstart the process and ensure that, within this administration, we generate at least a small steel sheet. 

It's widely recognized that steel forms the foundation of a nation's progress; if properly executed, it could mark the start of our industrial transformation."

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