Tuesday, August 29, 2023


In Yenagoa's Kpansia region, a privately owned warehouse utilized by the Bayelsa State government to house food supplies and other resources was invaded by residents of the state's capital. On Sunday, individuals from the state's capital ransacked the warehouse, making off with food products and various items.

Among the pilfered items were sacks of rice and garri, as well as crates of noodles and bottled water. These supplies were initially intended as relief aid, having been donated by concerned Nigerians in response to the 2022 flood catastrophe in the state.

Reportedly occurring around 7:30 pm, the event saw residents using pickup trucks and private vehicles to transport the food supplies from the warehouse located along Isaac Boro Expressway. Sadly, a significant portion of the items had already deteriorated.

Watch the video below:

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