Sunday, July 2, 2023


Omoyele Sowore reacted on the sudden retirement of top Nigerian military officials, accompanied by enticing retirement offers, suggests that they were privy to information about President Ahmed Bola Tinubu that the public remains unaware of. It appears as though they may have held him hostage in some way, as indicated by their knowledge about his 'Presidency' and selection. 

The rumors circulating about a military plan to eliminate Tinubu before his return from France might hold some truth after all. Unfortunately, the interests of ordinary Nigerians have been disregarded in order to consolidate Tinubu's power. To please the World Bank/IMF and appease currency speculators, Tinubu eliminated fuel subsidies and reduced funding for public education. 

He also floated the naira to cater to foreign investors. Furthermore, in a bid to satisfy his political allies, he raided the offices of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and confiscated crucial materials pertaining to investigations involving Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs). Finally, in an attempt to keep the military satisfied, he granted them unprecedented and enticing retirement benefits. 

He said: "These mouth-watering retirement offers to these suddenly retired Nigerian military top brass sounds like they held @officialABAT @ABATMediaCentre to ransom because they knew something the public didn’t know about his “Presidency.” And selection. I think the rumour of their (military) plan to take out @officialABAT before his return from France might be true after all.  So far, the interest of ordinary Nigerians have been sacrificed to get Tinubu’s power consolidated. To the World Bank/IMF he removed fuel subsidy and commenced defunding public education, to make “foreign investors” and currency speculators happy, he floated the naira, to please his political friends he raided the offices of the @officialEFCC and carted away sensitive criminal investigations materials related to and of PEPs, and to keep the military boys happy, he gave them mouthwatering never-heard-before retirement benefits."

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