Sunday, July 23, 2023


Flood submerged Sapele road, leaving Governor Obaseki's convoy stranded

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State faced an unexpected setback when heavy rainfall inundated Sapele Road in Benin, Edo State. The flood made the road impassable, causing the Governor's convoy to come to a standstill at the RCC junction.

A video capturing the incident went viral online, and a male voice in the background urged viewers to share it as a reminder of the consequences leaders face when they neglect the needs of the people. The voice expressed frustration over the government's failure to take appropriate action to fix the road, pointing out that mere patchwork efforts, like filling potholes with broken blocks, were insufficient.

The video highlighted the collective suffering experienced by both the rich and the poor due to ineffective policies. As the flood impacted everyone, the Governor's vehicle remained immobile, leading to apparent embarrassment for him.

Fortunately, after some time, the convoy managed to navigate away from the flooded section of the road. Governor Obaseki later confirmed the incident in a statement released on Sunday, expressing his concern over the deplorable state of Benin-Sapele Road. He deemed the situation scandalous, emphasizing that regions contributing vital oil resources to the country should not be neglected. The Governor expressed frustration at the lack of attention from the federal government despite their efforts to draw attention to the dire condition of the roads.

Watch the video below:

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