Wednesday, July 5, 2023


During her appearance on Channels Television's Sunrise Daily, Mmesoma Joy Ejikeme, a 19-year-old, acknowledged that her initial claim of scoring 362 out of 400 in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) was false. She admitted that her official score is actually 249, which she discovered after further investigation.

Mmesoma had presented a "results notification" slip that she obtained from the JAMB results portal, but the board disputed its authenticity, stating that the template used was discontinued in 2021 and accusing her of presenting a forged result. Consequently, JAMB invalidated her result and imposed a three-year ban on her from taking the examination.

Mmesoma, accompanied by her father Romanus, defended herself during the interview, asserting that she should not be held responsible for the controversy. She claimed that she printed the result in good faith and was unaware of any forgery. She expressed her disappointment with JAMB's decision to ban her, considering it unfair.

JAMB spokesperson Fabian Benjamin, who appeared on the show on Tuesday, revealed that their records indicated Mmesoma had sent multiple messages to the board's automated telecoms system, including one that displayed an aggregate score of 362. However, Mmesoma insisted that the only SMS she sent to JAMB was through its support system, and she did not receive a response.

Regarding the allegation that she used an Airtel line, Mmesoma confirmed it but clarified that she did not use the USSD code. She explained that the score of 360 mentioned earlier was the one she saw when checking through the USSD code.

When confronted with the claim that JAMB's feedback showed her score as 249, Mmesoma agreed, acknowledging that she eventually discovered her true score. She asserted that she had sent a text message through the JAMB Support System to inquire about what had happened, and she believed that if JAMB investigated its system, they would find her message there.

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