Thursday, July 20, 2023


In a stunning and unprecedented turn of events, Justice Boloukuoromo M. Ugo of Nigeria has tendered his resignation, citing alarming demands from the executive branch that he believes could severely undermine the nation's democracy.

In a poignant statement, Justice Ugo emphasized that complying with such demands would spell "the death of Nigeria's democracy," compelling him to take a principled stand and step down from his position. His decision has sent shockwaves throughout the country, sparking deep concerns about the integrity of Nigeria's democratic institutions.

In his resignation statement, Justice Ugo revealed that he was urged to compromise the independence of the judiciary by favoring a specific political candidate, whom he chose not to name but is widely speculated to be Bola Tinubu. Moreover, he was allegedly asked to suppress crucial evidence and dismiss cases that could have significant implications for the upcoming elections.

The repercussions of Justice Ugo's resignation have been far-reaching, causing a serious uproar and hampering the activities of the Presidential Election Petition Court. The situation has raised pressing questions about the state of the nation's democracy and the need to safeguard the judiciary's impartiality.

This unprecedented move by Justice Ugo has ignited a national conversation about the importance of upholding the rule of law and the vital role an independent judiciary plays in ensuring a just and fair democratic process in Nigeria.

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