Tuesday, July 4, 2023


Borno State Governor Supported Farmers with Free Transportation

In response to the increased cost of living resulting from the removal of fuel subsidies, Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno State took an initiative to alleviate the burden on farmers. On Tuesday, he announced the provision of 80 buses and pick-up vans to transport farmers from their communities to their farmlands at no cost.

Out of the 80 vehicles, 50 luxurious buses will be sourced from the fleet of the Borno Express Corporation, a state-owned transport company. Additionally, the state government will hire and provide 30 pick-up vans for this purpose.

Addressing the gathering of thousands of farmers, Governor Zulum emphasized the government's intention to support the farming community during the current rainy season. He acknowledged the long-term benefits of removing fuel subsidies but acknowledged the resultant increase in transportation costs. As a remedy, the Borno State Government has taken the step to provide these vehicles for the farmers' convenience.

Governor Zulum further urged the farmers to cooperate with the deployed soldiers, police, and other security agencies responsible for ensuring the safety of citizens, particularly those accessing their farmlands on the outskirts. He expressed gratitude to the military for their sacrifices in safeguarding the people of Borno, as their efforts have allowed farming activities to flourish across the state.

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