Friday, June 2, 2023


Omoyele Sowore expressed his views on the situation surrounding Nnamdi Kanu, urging for his release with the hashtag #FreeNnamdiKanuNow. He emphasized that Kanu was forcefully taken from Kenya and highlighted a recent judgment by the Court of Appeal Abuja Division, in which Justice Jummai Sankey absolved Kanu of any crimes. 

Sowore shared a video to remind people of the targeted approach of the Buhari regime towards Kanu and those who support the rule of law in his case. Sowore himself had faced multiple attacks by the police and other security agencies in the vicinity of the court during the trial. 

He also mentioned the unfortunate incident where Mr. Yakubu Sankey, the husband of the Court of Appeal judge who granted reprieve to Kanu, was tragically killed in Southern Kaduna a few days before Muhammadu Buhari's departure from office.

Watch the video below:

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