Wednesday, June 21, 2023


Approximately 100 high-ranking officers, including generals, brigadiers-general, air vice marshals, and admirals from the Nigerian Army, Air Force, and Nigerian Navy, are likely to be compelled into retirement following the recent appointment of new service chiefs by President Tinubu on Monday.

In addition to the forthcoming wave of retirements, several officers will be promoted to the next rank to fill the vacancies created by the departing generals as part of the services' reorganization under the new service chiefs.

The retirement of these senior officers from all three services adheres to a longstanding military tradition, which dictates that officers senior to the service chiefs must retire. This tradition stems from the belief that senior military officers are unlikely to accept orders from their juniors. While the new Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) belongs to the 38 Regular Course, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), and Chief of Air Staff (CAS) all belong to the 39 Regular Course. The security chiefs who were replaced held junior positions in comparison to some generals who are members of Course 37 and Course 38.

"Up to 100 top officers may leave the service as a result of this retirement exercise, spanning across all three services. However, RC 39 officers will simply be reassigned to the Defence Headquarters since the Chief of Defence Staff is from RC 38," a source revealed. 

Certainly, officers from RC 37 and 38 will be leaving the service. However, some of them might be retained, as was the case when COAS Yahaya, a member of RC 37, retained some of his peers previously. But now, he will be departing alongside his coursemates," the source added.

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