Wednesday, June 14, 2023


A retired U.S. Army general passionately criticized Donald Trump and his Republican supporters who claim that Trump "did nothing wrong" when he stole military intelligence. General Mark Hertling, known for his decorated service, did not hold back in his scathing remarks.

According to the former general, those in the military are particularly outraged by Trump's actions in stealing intelligence secrets. Hertling emphasized that the magnitude of the intelligence stolen is astonishing, but the true extent of the damage goes even deeper. Contrary to media portrayals of "war plans," the general revealed that the stolen documents likely contained highly detailed intelligence assessments, revealing the capabilities and vulnerabilities of both adversaries and allies, as well as sensitive information about American military capabilities. This kind of information is not something anyone, especially our adversaries, should have access to. Hertling underscored the immense effort invested by intelligence agencies, military units, and foreign service officers to ensure the accuracy of these documents. The stakes are high because the assessments they provide are crucial for key decision-makers.

The general expressed alarm at a specific phrase in the indictment, where Trump referred to the stolen documents as "my boxes." Hertling made it clear that these were not Trump's personal papers; they held valuable information and intelligence gathered by the U.S., meticulously compiled by dedicated and patriotic individuals. Their purpose is to equip U.S. officials with the necessary insights to protect the nation against all threats, foreign and domestic.

Moving on to Republican leaders who continue to defend Trump, the general labeled them as "moronic" and condemned their actions. Hertling stressed that military and intelligence officials, along with all Americans, share a deep sense of anger over the situation. He expressed disappointment that some individuals seem unaffected, but attributed this indifference to the handling of the case by certain government figures.

In summary, General Mark Hertling vociferously condemned Donald Trump for stealing military intelligence and rebuked Republican leaders who defend his actions. He underscored the importance of the stolen documents and the dedicated individuals who produce them, while expressing disappointment at the lack of widespread outrage among the American public.

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