Saturday, June 24, 2023


Yesterday in France, President Tinubu revealed that the individuals responsible for crafting his inaugural address on May 29 neglected to mention the removal of petrol subsidy. Tinubu specifically called out Dele Alake and Wale Edun for omitting this contentious issue from the speech they had prepared for him to deliver on that occasion.

During a meeting with Nigerians residing in France, Tinubu recounted, "When Wale Edun and his associates were helping me shape my speech, the topic of subsidy never came up. However, when I stepped onto the podium, I was overwhelmed with courage and declared that the subsidy was gone."

"At first, they thought I was joking, but I proved them wrong by contacting the NNPC. We are weary of enriching smugglers, benefiting a select few, and subsidizing our neighboring countries. I recently met with the President of Benin Republic, and now we stand as equals and friends. We are connected like conjoined twins, but it is through this fuel subsidy that we will determine whether we can separate or not. We will overcome this challenge together."

"We were allowing a handful of smugglers to amass wealth while certain nations took advantage of us. We lacked the courage to take action. At times, I myself advocated for its removal. Finally, with God's blessing, I had the opportunity to strategize with my team and emerge victorious in the presidential race."

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