Friday, May 26, 2023


Supreme Court dismisses PDP's lawsuit against Tinubu and Shettima regarding double nomination. 

The Supreme Court's five-member panel ruled on Friday that the PDP did not have the legal standing to file the lawsuit. The panel stated that the PDP is not a member of the APC. 

Consequently, the Supreme Court dismisses the PDP's case against Shettima's double nomination, imposes a fine of N2 million on the PDP, and asserts that the party lacks the right or legal standing to bring the case since they are not affiliated with the APC.

The dismissal of the PDP's suit raises concerns about the ability of parties to hold each other accountable for potential violations of the law. 

It is crucial to recognize that in a democratic society, any threat to democracy affects all citizens, and Nigerians must reject any attempts to undermine their rights. 

However, the specific circumstances of this case highlight the court's ruling based on the PDP's lack of legal standing rather than the broader question of accountability for potential law-breaking by political parties.

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