Thursday, May 18, 2023


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were involved in a harrowing car accident during the night in New York City, as they were relentlessly pursued by paparazzi for over two hours. The couple's spokesperson released an official statement expressing concern over the near catastrophic car chase orchestrated by an aggressive ring of paparazzi. The pursuit involved multiple near collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, and even two NYPD officers. The spokesperson emphasized that while public figures attract public interest, it should never come at the expense of safety.

The paparazzi chasing the couple exhibited reckless behavior, running red lights, and even driving on sidewalks. The question arises as to why such stalking and harassment are permitted in the United States or anywhere else. Furthermore, it is disheartening that no one intervened to stop the dangerous pursuit, considering the lessons learned from the tragic Princess Diana crash. It is essential to respect the privacy and well-being of individuals, regardless of their fame.

The NYPD has responded to the incident, stating that they assisted the private security team protecting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They confirmed that although the photographers made the transportation challenging, there were no reported collisions, injuries, summonses, or arrests.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams addressed the incident, expressing skepticism about the reported two-hour high-speed chase. He acknowledged the need to investigate the exact duration of the chase, emphasizing that even a 10-minute chase poses extreme danger in the city. Interestingly, a taxi driver who transported the couple after attending an event on Tuesday contradicted the notion of a chase, stating that he felt safe throughout the ride in an interview with The Washington Post.

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