Wednesday, May 17, 2023


Incident of Severe Assault on a Bicyclist in Abule Egba Area of Lagos Sparks Concern

A distressing incident unfolded five days ago in Abule Egba, Lagos, where officers reportedly subjected a bicyclist to a brutal assault, wielding iron rods as weapons. The shocking part is that no official response has been issued by the police regarding this incident.

Such acts of cruelty are fundamentally inhumane and should not be tolerated, regardless of whether they are directed towards citizens or law enforcement personnel.

We must unite to condemn any form of evil, whether perpetrated against the people or the police. Every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and the incident in question can only be described as barbaric.

Instances of assault, whether against civilians or members of the police force, must always be denounced and swiftly addressed to prevent their recurrence. It is crucial that the authorities take immediate action in this matter and ensure that justice is served.

The incident occurred on May 12th at Oja Oba, Ogundele Street, in close proximity to the Abule Egba underbridge.  

Watch the videos below:

                                           A different one 

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