Saturday, May 27, 2023


Peter Obi celebrated joined the nation to celebrate 2023 children's Day and urged Nigerian leaders to consider the children in all their political decisions. 


As the nation celebrates 2023 Children's Day, I urge Nigerian leaders at all levels of government to consider the future of Nigerian children in all their political decisions. The future of our children must remain a top governance priority to us.


The parameters of national development continue to point towards uncertainty for the future of Nigerian children, owing to the failure of governance at different levels. The non-investment in critical areas of development, especially in health and education,


impacts directly on the children. Consequently, we have the highest number of out-of-school children and the highest number of infant mortality.

The government at all levels have a statutory responsibility to protect Nigerian citizens, and therefore,


must ensure deliberate and aggressive investment in health and education, with a strategic formulation and implementation of policies targeted at giving every Nigerian child access to both.


I urge the children to remain law abiding so that they can grow into responsible citizens, contributing to national development.

I wish all Nigerian children a Happy Children's Day Celebration."

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