Sunday, May 21, 2023


Elderly Woman Allegedly Raped and Killed by Suspected Herdsmen on Ondo Farmland

According to reports, an elderly woman, aged 80, has tragically lost her life after being raped on her farmland in the Costain area of Ore, Odigbo Council Area in Ondo State. The perpetrators are believed to be hoodlums suspected to be herders. This distressing incident has caused widespread anxiety among the local community and neighboring areas.

Local sources have revealed that the victim had been missing for several days after venturing to her farm. Her lifeless body was discovered days later, according to Vanguard. Shockingly, she had been stripped naked following the assault.

A community member expressed their concerns, stating, "This is not the first time we have witnessed this horrifying incident; several women have been subjected to rape on their farms by these hoodlums suspected to be herdsmen. The fear of such attacks has prevented women from going to their farms alone for some time now. The motive behind targeting an 80-year-old woman remains a mystery to us in the community. Her brutal demise is both tragic and senseless."

The source further speculated, "It is possible that she recognized some of her attackers, leading to her murder. We appeal to the security agencies and the state government to intervene in Ore. These hoodlums are taking advantage of our women, and we implore our esteemed governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, to deploy the state security outfit known as Amotekun to our community. We passionately plead for his assistance."

Meanwhile, a suspect, identified as a palm wine tapper, has been apprehended by local youths after they discovered the victim's phone in his possession. Subsequently, the suspect allegedly led them to the location where the victim's lifeless body was found. 

He claimed that the elderly woman had been murdered by herdsmen. Confirming the arrest, Funmi Odunlami, the state police spokesperson, stated that the incident involved both rape and murder. The suspect is currently undergoing interrogation and will soon be paraded by the state police command before being charged in court.

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