Sunday, May 28, 2023


Emekeme Joseph, widely known as Semikolo, the Chairman of Covenant Suites hotel chain and a respected member of Winner's Chapel, has tragically passed away.

According to reliable sources, the man fell seriously ill following a violent altercation with his two sons. These sons, who had recently graduated from Covenant University, allegedly discovered their father in the company of another woman, whom they referred to as a "side chick." In an attempt to extort money from him, they demanded a bribe of one million naira, threatening to inform their mother, who was vacationing in the United States at the time. Unfazed by their ultimatum, the father called their bluff, prompting them to carry out their threat by revealing the illicit affair to their incensed mother.

The following day, the father visited his wife's Coca Cola depot, unaware that his sons were present. Upon spotting him, they forcefully expelled him from the premises. Frustrated by this encounter, the father returned home, where he seized his sons' car keys in an act of frustration. Enraged, the sons responded with a barrage of punches and kicks, resulting in a violent altercation. In an attempt to seek help, the father contacted the police, but the situation escalated further when one of the sons physically assaulted a police officer, causing severe injuries.

The sons were subsequently arrested, and the father was rushed to the hospital. However, his condition rapidly deteriorated, prompting a transfer to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, where he fought for his life.

Meanwhile, upon receiving news of her husband's critical condition, the wife swiftly returned to the country and managed to secure her sons' release from police custody. Against medical advice from UBTH, where the father was in a coma, she made the questionable decision to discharge him and brought him home. Tragically, his health continued to decline, and he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

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