Monday, April 24, 2023


At a national executive meeting of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, the LP presidential candidate, highlighted the amount of money he left behind when he left office compared to other past leaders. 

He emphasized that former President Yaradua was the only one who left any money behind during his time in office, which was 5 billion naira. 

In contrast, Obi left behind 150 million dollars when he left office. He emphasized that he is committed to reducing poverty and that he did not owe anyone a pension, gratuity, or salary when he left office. 

Obi challenged the notion that no one in Nigeria has ever left any money behind, and asserted that he left thirty-something billion dollars and 150 million dollars, which even the federal government of Nigeria has never achieved. He clarified that he left no debt and did not borrow any money. 

He further challenged anyone to prove that he ever owed any contractor for their work or supply, and asserted that he never owed salary, pension, or cleared gratuities.

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