Monday, April 10, 2023


Adeshina Olayinka, a well-known vendor in Ibadan known as "khadi," has passed away. In Akobo, Oyo state, she was discovered dead in a wetland hotel.

It was gathered that Khadi informed a friend of her desire to travel to the Wetland Hotel in Akobo on Wednesday night in order to meet with a particular person.

The man attempted to check out of the hotel on Thursday morning, but the receptionist delayed him and placed a call to the room where he had been lodging with Khadi. It was reported that she picked up the call and gave permission for them to allow him to leave.

She informed the receptionist that there was no need to be alarmed because she was just resting and that she would soon log out as well.

Later, one of the receptionists who claimed to have been given a power bank by Olayinka went to her room to retrieve it and knocked on the door without getting a response.

Activated the panic mode. The extra card was used to open the door by the hotel manager, who was later discovered dead.

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