Thursday, March 23, 2023


Nigeria's "President-Elect" Tinubu departed for Europe to receive medical attention after becoming ill during the campaign.

Bola Tinubu, the so-called "president-elect" of Nigeria, recently traveled to Europe to receive medical attention.

Tinubu became ill as a result of the "hectic" campaigning that resulted in his emergence as the "President-elect" and the tension that developed prior to the March 18 elections for the governor and house of assembly in Lagos State, in which he also cast his vote.

The departure of Tinubu for Europe on Tuesday night was made public on Wednesday by reliable sources.

"Tinubu has traveled to Europe for medical treatment. After casting his vote in the Lagos governor's race on Saturday, he became ill. Although he received treatment from local doctors, one of his close friends revealed that he has since traveled to Europe for proper medical attention.

"At first, he said that his doctors should be flown down to Nigeria for him, and that he would leave when things calmed down. But I can confirm that he left Tuesday night because he is unquestionably ill," a second source said.

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