Saturday, March 11, 2023


Prince Okey Emezu has mocked IPOB, ESN and UGM for believing in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as a result created problems for Igbos than one can imagine. 

He said "Nnahadi Kawnu and his evil enterprises , IPOB, ESN and UGM created more problems for the Igbos than one can imagine. Now those who supported them are realizing their mistakes... I preached this message of peace and they called me "Sabo" now I am the same one taking the bullets for their stupidity. Did I not tell you that Buhari is alive and that those news of Funlanis taking Igboland and those islamization projects are hoax? Now what did you gain? Hates and rejection... Deaths and loses... Etc

Where are those IPOB lunats? Where those who believe Nnahadi Kawnu was coming to bring them freedom? Did I not warn you that these are scammers promising what they can never afford. I am so angry remembering the pressure on me to suport Kanu's lies... I was promised a lot, but I refused. Igbos! This is just the beginning... Its going to be a long walk. Your salvation lies in your realization."

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